Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum Patio Covers will help transform your deck or patio into another room for entertaining. Get the look of real wood with the durability of Aluminum with our high quality Duralum product.

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High Quality Aluminum Patio Covers in Reno & Sparks

Sierra Shading installs high quality Duralum products for all aluminum patio covers. All of Duralum's products are manufactured to the structural specifications as required by the nation rating agencies ICC and IAPMO.  The products are made to the most recent standards as dictated by the 2010 Nevada / California building codes. Duralum participates in ongoing certification of the manufacturing process by rating agencies and with excellent product quality. Technically speaking: rafters & side plates are 0.032 wall thickness, caps have special grip tabs to insure the tightest fit and finish. Raw material cuts are accomplished with hydrolic shears that ensure precise cuts within 1/32 of an inch and perfectly straight cuts so caps fit perfectly without gaps between the cap & the metal. 

The pictures below show some of the custom built equipment designed to produce painted & cut aluminum patio covers to the standards necessary to stand up to the harsh Northern Nevada weather. If the paint EVER starts to peel, Duralum will replace it at no cost. They couldn't do this if their product was any less than they say it is. Duralum believes they have the best product and they prove it with their warranty. They are the only manufacturer that offers a full warranty. Other manufacturers offer a limited warranty that limits their exposure and the amount of time they are responsible for their product. After 50 years of producing painted aluminum patio covers, Duralum still offers a Full Lifetime Warranty of product replacement including labor, shipping, etc. The warranty is fully transferrable when you sell your home. 

Sierra Shading has provided many families with aluminum patio covers, which have enhanced their ability to host neighbors & family in the backyard. The images below are just a few examples of aluminum patio covers we have provided and installed. If you'd like more information or a free quote, contact us today.